Bare Face IS Legal

There is NO LAW forcing you to wear a face mask. Face masks are not needed for healthy people and in fact can be a detriment to your health and put you at higher risk. We are fighting against the "orders" of local legislators and demands of stores forcing mask wearing. Fight with us for your right to NOT wear a mask!

Facebook has removed our second group! A third has been created, but we now have a forum right here on the "Forum" and signup and create a profile to start chatting with other Bare Face is Legal Members now!
Your Rights


Educate yourself and others on the legality of facemask orders, and the effects of facemasks on your health.

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Donations help us to bring class action lawsuits on behalf of our mission to remove the mask mandates.

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You can help! Change lives and make a difference, we need volunteers like you to help us fight this oppression!

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Our Mission

To promote and protect our right to NOT wear face masks through advocacy and education. 

Latest News

CDC tells workers not to argue with anti-mask customers in new guidance

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‘Freedom, not fear’: Anti-mask protest held in Seminole County

Anti-mask group sues city of Tulsa, alleges masks cause oxygen deprivation

Anti-mask mandate campaign gets taken down by GoFundMe

Companies Requiring Masks

Make sure you contact these companies and share your anger over forced wearing of masks. Be respectful, but these companies need to know that there is NO LAW that can force us to wear masks and we will not support them until they remove the requirement.

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