I will not comply, I will not submit

Author: Jen Canseco

So many people choose to just comply, just submit to the wearing of a mask. It’s easier, you don’t get hassled, you don’t get denied entrance to stores/buildings, maybe even to keep from getting dismissed from your job. Here’s the thing though, no one ever said fighting for what is right would be easy. Would it just be easier to put the stupid thing on when a rideshare driver refuses me a ride? Sure. Would it be easier to get into the grocery store and would fewer people get angry with me or glare at me? Absolutely. But here’s the thing…If I comply, if I submit, then I’m allowing this atrocity to happen.

As many angry mask jerks have said to me, “What’s so hard to just do it? It shows kindness and respect to others.” Many hear that and think, okay that’s a reasonable request.  But what about my respect and kindness to me. You see, myself and so many others have very legitimate reasons to not wear a mask. And here’s the thing, it’s really no one’s business as to their reason. It’s their personal health or mental health and they have a right to privacy.

I refuse to risk my health, and it truly is a great risk to  my health no matter what anyone thinks…they don’t know my health or my situation. Most doctors don’t even understand because my health is complex due to having two very rare health conditions. So the panic attack that is brought on from PTSD when wearing a mask is quite dangerous to my health. And here’s the thing, how in the hell is it right to expect ANYONE to endure a panic attack just to make you “feel safer”.

There are numerous studies showing the inefficiency and outright ineffectiveness of healthy people wearing a mask. The CDC/WHO have admitted they were “wrong” about ‘asymptomatic spread’ and that it doesn’t happen. So really what all this mask wearing comes down to….is fear. Fear by the masses because of main stream media feeding it to them 24/7…so that little piece of fabric makes them feel “safer”. It’s a false sense of security, but because their fear has overwhelmed them, they have become a cult of “maskholes” that insist we all be coerced, shamed, fined, and even jailed to ensure our compliance with their fear.

I can see it now, in 5, 10 years we will be inundated with the commercials…”Did forced mask wearing cause you to get cancer? Did your loved one die from bacterial pneumonia from masks? Have you suffered lung damage, brain damage or heart damage from forced mask wearing? Call us now, we can help you get compensation!” Because that’s exactly what will happen…not everyone is the same. No two people’s health is exactly alike. And to expect that EVERYONE should just comply with blocking our ability to breathe freely….sickening.

So I will never comply with masks, I will never comply with being muzzled or silenced. I’ll fight to the very end to demand the freedom of breathing fresh air, the freedom to choose, the freedom of free speech. I will fight not just for myself, but for my young adult children and future grandchildren, for the others like myself that can’t wear a mask, and even for those that don’t know they’ve lost their freedoms!