Bare Face is Legal - Newsletter #1

Letter from the Bare Face is Legal President

Author: Dave Kelman

We have been warning since our inception on April 10, 2020 about the scenario of mandatory masks throughout the United States.

We attempted to put a large team of advocates to help push back the mask agenda. Bare Face Is Legal was able to get to 37,000 members before Facebook took us down for “hate speech.” We were able to launch Bare Face 2.0, and are about to cross 3000 members again.

Most of our members told us not to worry. They were very confident the mask mandates will end on November 4th. As we were requesting help on social media outreach, help with sharing out our information, & asking for help on both time and money, we were told it is not needed because the mask mandates are almost over.

Now the election is over. There is an attempt to steal the election and put the Biden/Harris team in power.  We are told by our members that Trump will remain in power. There is no need to stress about the Biden/Harris ticket winning.

Biden/Harris announced that when he takes office, his FIRST executive order will be to mandate masks INDEFINITELY. Bill Gates has stated that we will possibly have these masks for AT LEAST 10 years. These mandates are calling for masks in all stores, at the park, sitting in your front yard, and even inside your own home if 2 or more people reside there. This does not include the mandatory contact tracing, vaccines, or economic shutdowns.

We ABSOLUTELY cannot afford to sit and let all this tyranny and forced mandates become the everyday norms.  If we do not stand up RIGHT NOW, then we are willing to be compliant until this is all over.  As the masks are more accepted and enforced, we will have less of an opportunity to fight.

The fact is, if we had a team stand up, we would have been a lot better off.  We are in need of local rallies. We need shopping flash mobs. We need leaders to step up and help our small staff of volunteers.

Right now is the time for us to do or die. Are we a group of people of complainers who will stand down to accept these mandates? Are we going to just comply until 2022 when there are midterms? Wait until 2024 when there is a new Republican candidate (assuming we are still allowed to have elections)?

Or are we going to take back our faces, businesses, and communities by reaching out to the masses to stand together against mask mandates?

Your decision.

If you cannot dedicate time to our project, we can definitely use a small donation of $2-$5.

If you cannot donate money to our project, we can definitely use your time of 2-5 hours a week.

Please don’t be afraid to help us win. We can no longer afford to stand down and let these globalists take control of our everyday lives. We have the power of numbers. When we figure that out as a collective unit, we can win.

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