The Daily Musings of a Boldly Barefaced Woman

Author: Michelle Ceron

As we enter into our 8th month of living in what probably would have been George Orwell’s last great novel that he probably would have written if he had not died, I’m still amazed and perplexed at the world I find myself in. I walk around everyday feeling like I’m in that Twilight Zone episode where everyone has a pig face and there’s only one normal looking human? I’m that guy. New normal, everyone says? HA! WHY in the world would ANYONE think that covering your airways and starving your body of oxygen and eating your own lung poop is normal???? And think that doing this for months on end, or forever, should be accepted and virtuous? Or is actually healthy or preventing the spread of disease? It still baffles my mind. I keep asking myself, how can this be? Then I just have to keep reminding myself of the Milgram experiments and I understand……..kind of.

Anyone not familiar with the Milgram experiments? In the early 1960’s, Stanley Milgram wanted to run a social experiment because he didn’t understand how an entire German populace could possibly go along with Hilter and his Nazi regime’s policies/social engineering. Or at the very least, even if they didn’t agree with it, not stand up and do anything about it? It baffled his mind. He wanted to find out: would MOST people, even in America, be so obedient that they would participate or at the very least go along with the degradation, ostricization, and eventual extermination of an entire race of people? Surely, this CAN’T be the case? But oh, did he find out that in fact, it is! Over the course of several years he ran first the same experiment, then modified it in several different ways and EVERY time he got the same results. 65% of the participants carried out the experiment all the way. They were led to believe that there was a person in another room that they couldn’t see and the test subject had to read off multiple choice questions. Every time the person in the other room got the question wrong or doesn’t answer the question at all, the subject had to shock them. It starts off with a 15 volt shock and goes all the way up to 450 volt shock. The subject was made to believe that the 450 volt shock had killed the person, or at the very least made them unconscious. And yet, despite this, 65% of the participants carried out the shocking of the imaginary person ALL THE WAY TO 450 volts! While 100% of participants carried it out at least to 300 volts! He created a total of 18 variations of this experiment and every version yielded the same exact results.

Ask ANY person you know if they would have gone along with the Nazi regime, if they would have turned in their Jewish neighbors who were hiding out or participate in transporting the Jews to the camps or working in the camps or even executing the Jews. Hell, even just sitting back and doing nothing to try to stop all of this from happening! Every single person you would ask, I guarantee, would ALL say “No way! I would have been one of the ones who wouldn’t go along with it, in fact, I would have tried to stop it, or at the very least, I would have fled the country!” Would you, really? Well, we know how our answer to how many people would have been obedient. Just look at all the masked faces everywhere you go!


Cue in the CoVid scamdemic. Look around you, how many people do you see who automatically complied with wearing masks? With shutting down their business, with opening back up their business only when they were given permission to do so and under strict CoVid mandates telling them what they can and can’t do, putting their livelihood in a vice grip. How many willingly stayed shut in their houses for weeks or months without even blinking an eye, even though they weren’t sick? And all for a virus that has an over 99% recovery rate? For a virus whose numbers even at its highest point, still never technically met the minimum threshold to be considered a true pandemic? Around 1 million people worldwide out of a worldwide population of almost 8 billion died. 1 MILLION! Do you know how statistically insignificant that number is? And yet, everywhere you go, everyone still 8 months later is donning a mask at all times. You are most likely wearing one, like a good little obedient mind slave. Or, if your like me and not wearing one, anywhere, but you are the ONLY person in any store or restaurant or in your workplace (if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere where you’re allowed to get away with not wearing one and are not fired for it) who isn’t wearing one. Or a third option: you’re wearing it but you know it’s total BS but you just don’t want to deal with being kicked out anywhere, losing your job, or having strangers harass you. And I think the third one is the category that most people fall into. However, even though you know it’s wrong, you’re still being obedient to it.

Did I think that 8 months after this BS started that I would STILL be the only one not wearing one? Hell no! I was naive to think that by now, more people would stop complying. It’s appalling and beyond scary that I am still the only one. It’s extremely rare that I see even one other person in a store who isn’t also wearing one. The first 6 months of this, I would go in a business without one on. Not a single employee or customer would say ANYTHING to me. NEVER! I would hear so many stories from my other non compliant friends who would tell me how much they get harassed for not having one on. And I would feel SO lucky! I would think to myself “It must be my resting bitch face. People are afraid to confront me. Or maybe its because I try to avoid eye contact with everyone in the store” (which, btw, is horrible to have to do. It makes me feel less human in a way to not make eye contact.) But over the last month and a half, people are starting to say shit to me. Back in September, I went to my dentist for the first time this year. I go to a holistic dentist. They mentioned nothing at all about wearing a mask to me when they confirmed my appointment. I thought MAYBE they aren’t following this insane mandate. Maybe being holistic minded, they know better about how dangerous and unhealthy constricting your oxygen intake and breathing in your own CO2 is. WRONG! When I get there, (and I was the only patient in there at the time) I ended up getting into a 5 minute screaming match with the receptionist about wearing it. She wouldn’t let me go back and walk the 4 ft hallway to the room without one on. I drive 40 minutes to go to this dentist and since I had laser surgery on my gums a year and a half ago and I’m supposed to be getting a cleaning every 3 months since, I knew I couldn’t go home. So I was forced to put one on, but I didn’t cover my nose and they didn’t give me a hard time about that. Mind you, there wasn’t a single other patient in there at the same time as me. Also while I was waiting, I snickered as I listened to the receptionist get into another screaming match on the phone with someone about wearing a mask. Nice to know I’m not their only patient who won’t wear one!

Later that same week, for the first time since I resumed going food shopping in person after 3 months, a teenager at the grocery store tried to stop me from going in without a mask. He wasn’t guarding the door, he happened to be bringing in carts from the parking lot as I was entering. I walked right past him. He then came up to me as I was in the self checkout and handed me a mask, as if putting it on at this point when I’m about to leave, is going to make any difference! You would think a teenager wouldn’t give two shits. The adults who worked there didn’t say anything to me. Then two weeks ago another employee at the same grocery store said to me as he walked by “Ma’m, you have to wear a mask.” I just smiled at him and kept walking.

The cherry on top of the ice cream happened yesterday when I went into a WAWA  for the first time since this whole scamdemic started. For those of you who don’t live in PA or NJ and know what a WAWA is, it’s a very large convenience store chain that also sells gas and you can order food there that is made to order. It’s very popular over here. Anyway, I went there to get some lunch. When I paid for my food, the cashier waits until I’m walking away to try to give me a mask. He said “Here, you have to put this mask on.” I said “I don’t need it, I have one.” He said “Well then you have to wear it!” as I walked away from him. As I’m standing over by the waiting area for my food to be done, I see a 3 year old little girl wearing a mask. This enraged me SO MUCH! Can we say child abuse? How do people NOT know that depriving oxygen to a developing brain is going to cause brain damage? Hell it will cause brain damage in a fully developed brain! But while I’m trying to keep myself from going off on her parents and standing there barefaced, I feel the eyes and scowl of a woman who is about 15 feet away to the left of me. I can just feel her virtue signaling toxified brain trying to telepathically tell me off. How DARE I keep my face not covered? I can feel her thoughts on me. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of looking over at her, just smirked to myself. Then this savior of the world (aka epitome of obedient slave to the state) finally walks past me and yells at me “You’re supposed to be wearing a mask!” to which I was about to reply “This is what a face of someone who understands the constitution looks like” but I didn’t get a chance, because she ran past me so fast before I could utter even 1 syllable. So stunning, so brave she is! The fact that people think they have the RIGHT to tell perfect strangers what to do just shows how far people can be trained like a Pavlov dog to bark when authority tells them to.

I have to say that I am VERY fortunate that I have been able to keep living my life as normal as possible. I work for a lovely couple who have allowed me to go maskless at my job and don’t give me grief about it. None of my coworkers even complain that I don’t wear it even though they all do. Does she tell the clients that I have a medical condition if they ask why I don’t have one on? Honestly, I have NO idea if she does or if anyone has ever complained about it. Not a single one of my clients in 6 months has even asked me why I don’t wear it or got bitchy with me for not having one on. When I get my client in the treatment room, I tell them that they don’t have to wear a mask. 90% of them happily take it off and thank me for allowing them to breathe! I would say almost all of them think it’s total bullshit and can’t wait for this to be “over soon”. I tell them “if that’s how you feel, then STOP COMPLYING! JUST STOP DOING IT! Cause this shit AIN’T going away until enough people stop doing it.” I tell them my experiences, how I go into whatever business I want without it on and I almost never get harassed or thrown out. They all seem to admire that, BUT, did what I tell them stop them from complying all together? Let’s go back to what Milgram discovered and I have to sadly realize that no, the vast majority of my clients probably don’t stop complying. It’s sad, but we are conditioned to conform. It feels EXTREMELY uncomfortable to NOT conform, to be that odd man or woman who doesn’t. Everyone looks at you strange and you can tell that your non-compliance makes THEM feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable and we know that most people can’t handle that! It’s sad, but true. The conformists will ONLY stop complying once we reach a high enough threshold of people to stop going along to get along. But the challenge is……..hardly anyone is willing to be the first. They wait until many others go before them before they follow suit. But how will this EVER come to an end if everyone is waiting on everyone else to do it first?

Trust me, I HATE being the black sheep. I’ve always been the black sheep in my family, and now I am the black sheep at large. It does make me feel uneasy sometimes. But you know what, sometimes doing the right thing requires that level of discomfort. I’ve even been completely disowned by one of my sister’s and her children. My niece and nephew are high risk and if they get CoVid will land them in the hospital and that is sad, but it’s still not going to get me to do the wrong thing, the unhealthy thing, the obedient thing that doesn’t even work anyway. Is her hatred of my non-compliance going to stop me from doing the right thing and standing up for our liberties? FUCK NO! I just keep reminding myself that our country was founded and we won the revolutionary war with only 20% of the population of the 13 colonies deciding to be non-compliant to the crown.

If I were to have taken Milgram’s experiment, would I have hit the 450 volt? I can confidently say no, I wouldn’t have. Would I have gone all the way up to 300 even? I like to think no, as I didn’t even comply with this mask nonsense not even in the beginning, but I can’t say for sure. How far would I have gone up? I do wonder. If I were a German in the 1930’s, I think I can say that I wouldn’t have been a snitch and I wouldn’t have even gone along to get along. Not sure if I would have been brave enough to risk my life to try to stop the Nazi’s all together though. But I think I would have at least fled the country. Which type of 1930’s German do YOU want to be? Something to really ponder.

PS: In case you haven’t figured this out by now, this ISN’T about a virus, it’s about your willingness to do whatever the state tells you to do no matter how non-nonsensical it is, no matter how much it goes against our liberties granted to us in our constitution. If Americans, who are supposed to be the most freedom loving people on the planet easily obey, there’s not really hope for anyone else. And that’s the scariest part of all!