Masks and Our Health: Are Muzzles Making You Sick?

Author: Sasha Grubel

With signs in every store window and mandates across every state; the real question is, “Are masks making you sick?” The answer is one hundred percent yes! The science is there and growing every single day to back why healthy people are making themselves extremely sick by covering their faces. Even if it is only for a couple of minutes, “because it’s easier”, as you run into the store. The risks to your health are simply not worth it and much greater than you may think. As you cover your face for that few minutes to run into the store, you are creating a situation for a number of things to occur. Masks collect the bacteria and possible viruses that you are exhaling and then rebreathing. They collect them in the perfect moist and warm environment for them to thrive. These harmful bacteria and viruses will cause lung and sinus infections. The constant use of masks here and there “for convenience” will lead to the build up of these harmful bacteria and viruses in your nasal passages. Dr. Russel Baylock M.D. has discovered a very scary truth behind this buildup caused from wearing masks and rebreathing harmful expelled air. It can allow these bacteria and viruses into our brains through the Olfactory Nerves (smell nerves). Leading to extremely serious infection and illness as well as making you way more susceptible to them. The list of harmful side effects of mask wearing does not stop with just this. That breeding ground of bacteria on your face also increases staph infections on your face, in your nose, in your mouth and throat. Masking even for a few minutes, or worse, if you wear them over a shift at work, will reduce your bodies oxygen levels. Studies show that this lack of oxygen in the body can inhibit an important immune cell that our bodies produce to fight off infections. This will further decrease your body’s immune system and ability to fight off infections; that you are increasing drastically your risks of contracting by wearing a mask. Science shows no benefits of wearing masks as they clearly state on the box that they do not protect you. Now ask yourself again if it is worth it to wear a mask? If your answer is no, and you do not want to wear a face muzzle because you care about your health and the health of your family, don’t. Complying “because its easier” is not only saying you like masks but you are putting your health at great risk. Join us in standing up for our health and freedom.